Achieve better health with Naturopathy

Burton Health was born from a desire to help people achieve better health in a straight forward, honest way. Based in St Leonards and Dural, we provide Naturopathic services to the lower North Shore and Hills District.

Laura uses Naturopathy to help you with improving digestive function, increasing energy, improving sleep, boosting immune function, reducing and managing anxiety, regulating hormonal imbalances and many more conditions.

Laura has been a part of the natural health industry since 2003 and has a passion for bringing health and happiness to all of her patients by educating them on good nutrition, balanced lifestyle practices and nutritional or herbal supplementation.  

Burton Health Naturopathy


Laura helps many people achieve better health with Naturopathy from two clinic locations: Dural and St Leonards. Her patients travel from all over Sydney to benefit from her expertise.

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