Achieve better health with Naturopathy

Welcome to Burton Health. I’m Laura and I am here to help you reclaim your zest for life!

I am a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist and creator of beautiful organic herbal tea. I work from two Sydney clinics in St Leonards and Dural, providing Naturopathic services to the lower North Shore, Hills District and beyond.
My herbal tea is available in my clinics, at my online store or through my fun and exciting Tea Club!

When people come into my world, they are usually complaining about feeling tired, anxious, bloated, frazzled and overwhelmed.

They tell me things like “I’ve tried everything” and “I feel like a basket case”.

Through working with me, people learn how to nourish their body and soul, which makes it a whole lot easier to enjoy life.

Problems like burn out and digestive disturbances don’t happen anymore, because now, they understand and respect their individual needs.

And ultimately, that is the point of my work:

Helping people to slow down and reconnect with themselves.

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Laura has been a part of the Natural Health Profession since 2003. Today she helps her patients achieve better health with Naturopathy from two clinic locations: Dural and St Leonards. Her patients travel from all over Sydney to benefit from her expertise.

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